What Is Your Signature Worth?

What is your signature worth?  It’s an odd question isn’t it?  Sometimes it can feel so time consuming to write your name properly and legibly.  Have you customized your signature to be a couple of strokes or just a single stroke?  Most people have because they view it as a tedious task.  Five seconds is all it could take to legibly sign your name.

One of the easiest signatures to copy is a simplified signature.  A simplified signature is just that.  It could be a squiggle or a simple looped stroke that takes all of about a second to sign.   Not only is it an easy signature to copy it can also be a difficult signature (not impossible) to determine authenticity.

By writing out your name to include more characteristics such as capital/lower case letters, connections, crossing strokes, loops etc. has made it more difficult for another individual to copy.  You signature does not have to be written in script.  There is no legal requirement that says you must use cursive writing for your signature.  There can be many identifiable characteristics in printed letters too.  Those extra seconds to complete a complex signature could be priceless to thwart fraud or even identity theft.