Document Examination Service

Are you sitting on a questioned document right now?  Do you need to know who wrote it or who signed it?  Do you suspect pages have been substituted or amended in your document?


  • Signature Analysis
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Disguised Handwriting
  • Line Sequencing
  • Forged Checks
  • Forged Legal Documents
  • Forged Deeds
  • Forged Contracts
  • Forged Credit Cards
  • Forged Divorce Papers
  • Forged Insurance Documents
  • Forged Loan Applications
  • Forged Medical Records
  • Forged Prescriptions
  • Forged Trusts
  • Forged Last Will & Testaments
  • Forged Rental/Lease Agreements
  • Anonymous Letters and Notes
  • Threatening Letters and Hate Mail


  • Altered Contracts
  • Altered Medical Records
  • Altered Prescriptions
  • Altered Checks
  • Altered Separation Agreements
  • Altered Deeds
  • Altered Loan Applications
  • Altered Insurance Claims
  • Altered Last Will & Testament
  • Altered Trusts
  • Altered Legal Documents
  • Altered Birth Certificates
  • Indented Writing
  • Erased Handwriting
  • Cut and Paste
  • ….and other situations


Roxanne Brand examines all types of documents for authentication or alteration. Each case presents its own set of unique issues and she can help you with yours.  She is committed to providing professional document examination services to her clients.