Medical Malpractice and Prescription Fraud

Medical Malpractice

Why would someone you trust, such as a medical care provider, tamper with your records?  Unfortunately, medical malpractice happens when a doctor, health care professional, healthcare facility such as a nursing home or hospital failed to care for someone in their care.  The result is an injury, illness or even worse… death.

It is extremely important that medical professionals keep complete, detailed and accurate documentation.  Every addition or change to a patient’s record must be marked, signed and dated as to when that addition or change happened.  Even corrections need to be documented and explained as why there was a correction.  However, medical professionals may be tempted to alter a patient’s records to try to minimize damage to themselves due to any variety of reasons.  Suprisingly – it happens.

When these professionals tamper with records, a document examiner can be called in to look at the suspect document.   Most of the time these alterations can be easily detected by document examiners.  Microscopes can assist document examiners detect line sequence.


This is an example of Line Sequencing using a microscope.



In the photo to the left, which was written first –

The number two or the number three?

The number two was written first and the number three was written over it.

The enlarged photo to the right shows the line sequence.


There are many reasons why a professional would tamper with patient’s documents such as:

• Insurance fraud
• Masking procedural mistakes
• Wrongfull death accusations
• Loss of reputations of reputation

Prescription Fraud

Prescrition drug fraud is committed by a wide range of people.  The abuse of prescription drugs especially controlled substances present a serious problem to our society.   This type of fraud can range from altering drug information such as quantity supplied, refill allotment or even adding more drugs to the prescription.  There are various tools that document examiners use while conducting an examination.  Below, a digital microscope with ultraviolet and infrared capabilities was used to determine if the prescription was tampered with in any way.

 Picture of Bottom Half of Prescription

 Picture of Number ‘8’ Enlarged

 Picture of Number ‘8’ Enlarged Using UV Light