Submitting Paperwork for Examination

  • First and foremost – DO NOT write anything on any of the documents you are submitting (even if they are copies).  DO NOT highlight the area you want to call attention to.
  • DO NOT staple the documents together.
  • DO NOT remove any staples if the document has already been fastened together.

Make sure you include the following:

  • The questioned document(s) – place a post-it note on it indicating that this is the document in question.
  • The known document(s) – depending on the type of case you have:
    • If you are in possession of a questioned signature include anywhere from 20 – 25 known, authentic, genuine signatures from the time the questioned signature was signed.
    • If you are in possession of a questioned sample of handwriting, please include as many samples of known, authentic, genuine handwriting samples from the time of the questioned writing.

If you have any questions, always call Roxanne and she will be happy to direct you.

Original documentation and/or copies can be mailed directly to my office:


          2 Overlook Drive, Suite 10

          Warwick, NY 10990

It is recommended to use the United State Postal Service to send documents.

If you are in possession of high quality images you may also email them to me at

Roxanne will review the documentation once she has received it.  If any questions arise, she will promptly give you a call.  She will discuss what may be needed in order to complete the document analysis or handwriting analysis or signature analysis.

Cases are examined in the order from which they are received unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon.