Are you trying to narrow your selection of Certified Document Examiners?  My goal is to educate you and your client so you can make the best decision regarding your case.  To the left is an example of an illustration of a questioned signature once an examination and analysis has been done.  Since each case is unique, the illustration may look different but will provide valuable information as well.

 Let me tell you how I differ from other Document Examiners out there.

Once you have hired me as your document examiner, I’ll take all the information you provide and examine and analyze the documents or signatures.    Once the examination and analysis has been completed, I have my work peer reviewed by a fellow document examiner.

You may be wondering why peer review?  Document Examiners work in a highly focused and detail-oriented environment.  The peer review provides a critical check of the examination and analysis by another document examiner.  A second set of eyes is good business practice.

When the peer review is complete, a one-on-one video conference will be scheduled so we can go over my findings.  There is no time limit on the conference.  Since documents don’t have a voice, it’s my ojbective to make sure that all parties understand what the documents and/or handwriting are saying.

You have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want in order to understand the document examination portion of your case.

It’s then up to you if you want me to write a detailed report with illustrations.  Call me if you have any questions regarding the on-on-one video conference – 845-206-0994.

*I am not an attorney.  I do not provide legal counsel.  If you have any questions regarding your case and the impact my findings may have regarding such – I will refer you to speak to your attorney.