Are you in possession of Questioned Documents?  Roxanne Brand, Certified Document Examiner can assist you now.

Document Examiners have been called upon to thoroughly investigate questioned documents.  Conclusions are drawn about those documents, which can include verifying authenticity, signature comparison and identification.  Document examiners have been referred to as handwriting experts too.  

Document examiners’ work mostly deals with handwriting issues.  Documents can be examined for alterations as well.  

There are numerous kinds of questioned documents and handwriting cases.  Roxanne can handle the following:


  • Questioned Signatures
  • Questioned Handwriting
  • Disguised Handwriting
  • Erased Handwriting
  • Anonymous Letters and Notes
  • Threatening Letters and Hate Mail
  • Character Assassination Letters
  • Questioned Medical Records


  • Forged or Altered Wills
  • Altered or Forged Checks
  • Forged or Altered Deeds
  • Altered or Forged Rental/Lease Agreements
  • Altered or Forged Contracts
  • Forged Credit Card Applications
  • Forged Student Loans
  • And many other situations…

Criminals are always finding new ways to forge signatures and documents.  Each case can be unique.  With years of continuous training, Roxanne exhibits professionalism over a wide array of questioned document issues.

Her company applies computer technology to the examination process of handwriting and questioned documents.  It’s important to keep up with technology today. Document examiners should no longer limit themselves with old methods of manual comparison.   There are various software programs that can allow for more accurate comparisons and analysis.

Roxanne Brand, Certified Document Examiner

An experienced and knowledgeable CERTIFIED DOCUMENT EXAMINER can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.  She is a certified document examiner. It is essential that document examiners provide the truth of the evidence in a way that all parties can easily understand.  It is crucial that the document examiner assists the trier of fact by providing reliable testimony.  Roxanne’s testimony revolves around the similarities, differences or both for the questioned document including the comparable exemplars with respect to the case at hand.

If you are looking for a certified document examiner, you have found a qualified professional.  Roxanne Brand’s document examination and handwriting analysis services go above and beyond what most document examiners offer.  She uses today’s technology to enhance her services.


Once she has completed her examination and analysis, she conducts a one-on-one video conference consultation with her clients.  She discusses her  IMPARTIAL findings and reviews how she arrived at her opinion.  She uses the illustrations to show her clients how she got there.  Go to the HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT page for more details.

Contact Roxanne today for her most up-to-date curriculum vitae and a detailed fee schedule.  (845) 206-0994